Friday, December 26, 2008

Home For the Holidays

Traveled 6 hours to my dads this week! whoa was that a drive! I have been off of work since Tuesday and enjoying the break! I tried to drive up to Iowa that day but the weather has been so bad! Finally got a break and drove up. Had a great xmas with lots of presents and family. My pup mcgruff had a great xmas too...I think he got more presents than I got! lol. I am heading home this sunday and can't wait to see the bf again! He didnt come because he had to work friday and I wanted to leave early since I had extra days off! We are doing our xmas when I get home! Can't wait to see what he got me! Well I hope everyone had a great holiday and was very safe! Merry xmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

My first blog!

This weekend was a busy one again, since the holidays are getting closer and closer we have more things to do every weekend and my quilting time gets less and less...

Next weekend I have xmas at my dads, after wards my sister will be coming back with me for a week to hang out at my apt. Should be interesting. Anyways it is like 5:30am and I have to get ready for work at 6! :P So excited for this blog! I can post pictures of my updated quilts, quilt blocks, and life in general! :)