Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May Quilting Projects!

Finally I am done with all my families xmas presents! I will never again make all my friends/family quilts again for xmas because it is soooooo time consuming...I might make little projects here and there but man o man its alot all at once! I am done! Now what to do with all my quilting fabric lines! lol :) I love fabric!

The first two are fleece/cotton throws which make awesome snuggly blankets! The final two are from the latest quilt block swap!

My dad is a big outdoorsy type so I did a deer throw with maple leave quilting...I know he will love it!

This one is for my sister who is a horse nut! She also loves ivy so I did a ivy quilting design on it! :)

This surf and sand line is one of my favorites! This is for my step-dad who was a navy man, and I already did a navy quilt for him so I figured this is manly enough...it has a sailboat quilting design...

This final one is for my mom, she loves paisleys and I love this fabric so I thought she might like this!

week 7!

I figured this week would be horrible...I totally went to my dads for the weekend and didn't watch what I was eating all weekend. I met a friend on sat. and we walked for about 2 hrs. I didn't realize we walked over 5 miles! :) That was awesome! Especially since we walked up and down hills! I am super sore today from it still! Overall I lost a total of 3.7 pounds this week and didn't gain anything when I weighed in this morning! That rocks! This is a total of 17.7 pounds so far! :) yippie skippy! I am on a roll!

on another note, me and my fiance might be buying a house, we put in a bid and won the bid...it was kinda unexpected find so we did it backwards and now have to do financing after the bid, so we have like 16 days now to finalize that, so bascially its a waiting game to find out if we get the financing! and If we do we get a house! its so awesome! :) take a peek...and wish us luck!!!!!!!!!


Monday, May 18, 2009

A very depressing week 6!

So I starting training for my 5k in Oct. this week....I added in my walk/jog routine and also pilates, I then cranked up my elliptical with higher resistance levels. For my first week of training it went pretty well...no shin splints have come which is freakin awesome! This week I will be up to jogging a mile. Well not all at once that is. I do intervals of 10 min walk/2 min jog/10 walk/3 jog/10 walk/4 jog. Its kinda scary to run in public...I try to pick good times with not alot of people around. Anyways I had a 2.4 pound gain this week...so sad. I would like to think it was a mixture of gaining muscle and it being "that time of the month" but who really knows? I don't want to make excuses. All I know is that after all that work and seeing a gain is very sucky. Kinda makes me want to give in completely. BUT I plan on losing 5 pounds this week to make up for it. That means I must be very good! I am going away for the weekend too so I really have to do good! I can do it!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Chimes Store!

My good friend Chimes/aka Calee just opened up her awesome etsy store and it seriously rocks. You should see some of her work she does. Its pretty neato. I want to buy a whole bunch of her stuff. She is a graphic designer so if you need to do any kind of that stuff she is pretty awesome. She designed my banner for my store too. I also just got her into quilting so I'm sure you will see some of her quilts for sale in the near future. :) Anyways heres the link!


Also free shipping when you enter the code “whoopdedoo” in the special instructions, notes or in an e-mail regarding the item. Pretty sweet deal eh? :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another Weight Loss Week! #5

Hey all! Thanks for all your continued support so far in my weight loss attempts! This marks the end of week 5 for me! My final weigh in for this week was 4.2!! I couldn't believe it! Thats alot! I even ate pizza hut AND dairy queen! I guess working out really does the trick eh? I worked out 6 days this week doing 30 min elliptical and power walking for 45-60 min. My trick is to have some sugar free hot cocoa at night time to curb those hungry pains. I do have big ole breakfast's on the weekends because thats my favorite meals! :) A grand total of 16.3 pounds!

The crazy new is that I am going to be training for a 5k...it isn't huge but its alot for me...my friend calee is motivating me to do this...she is making up a training program and preparing me the right way! wish me luck!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mermaid Log Cabin Progress

I've finished a couple more blocks on my mermaid quilt and I am really loving this quilt! I am going to do white sashing in between blocks. So it will be a decent size. Some of the blocks are slightly more scrappy then others, I am trying to make each one as diff. as I can. The white with break up the scrappyness of it all and make it more pleasing to the eye :)

Week 4-- ONE MONTH!

This week was my week four! I have completed one month so far of dieting and exercising! So far so good...I have had some major fall backs but I always seem to get back on track the next day. This week I didn't make the goal I had set of 3 pounds but I did lose 2! Which means This month I lost of total of 12.1 pounds! Thats pretty good to me! 37.9 to go! I am still drinking alot of water and staying away from juice/soda. I have had a few sweets here and there but nothing too much. I've managed to go out to eat a couple time also! Next week I have a goal of 2 pounds. I am losing semi-slowly because I know it will stay off for a longer time period. Wish me luck! :)