Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 3!!

Ok! I am on to week three! Let me tell you that this week and last week have been hell! It is sooo hard to lose weight but sooo easy to put it on! Monday and Tuesday I did the elliptical for 37 min and rotated intervals of 7/3...Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat...I got out and walked with my pooch. I tried to power walk for at least 45 minutes outside just to enjoy the weather. Its supposed to rain outside for the next few days so I know I will most likely be inside working out. I had a target weightloss of 3 pounds for this week and I weighed in at a loss of 3.3 pounds! which makes a total of 10.1 pounds down! 39.9 pounds to get to my goal! :) I am super happy at that because I not only ordered out pizza this week I also cheated with a donut AND onion rings! whoops :S but at least I had no soda and tried to do something every day this week! :) I am going to start having a target loss each week, so I think I will do 3 pounds again..that worked pretty good for me! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My April Quilt Projects :)

So I think I got quite a bit accomplished for April already! The quilts are listed as the pictures are placed :) Enjoy!

1.) Hello Betty Quilt
2.) Amy Butler Stacked Coins
3.) Soiree Bento
4.) Swanky Squares
5.) Soiree Squares
6.) Not sure the name but its for my mom-in-law on mothers day!

Here is a pile up of all the quilts together! woo I was busy this month! I still have around 8 or more in progress!!!! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 2!!

This is my second week of my current battle against the fat! :) I had NO diet soda! I worked out on the elliptical 5x this week for about 30 minutes each time. My wii-fit was limited though, I was just really pooped all week. I lost 1.1 pounds this week, which I was disappointed in at first, but then I realized I didn't gain, so thats a positive! Friday my fiance took me out to dinner and a movie, which I'm sure was sooo bad for me, but hey I gotta go out once and a while. So thats a total of 6.8 pounds so far, which means I have 43.2 pounds to go! :) I need to lose at least 2 pounds per week to hit my target goal date. So I have set a target weight loss for this week of 3 pounds. Wish me luck! :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009


they are giving away 30 fat quarters! holy moly! I hope I win! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

My favorite Quilt Project Entry!

So I know I have posted about this bad boy before but this is my all-time favorite! After being new to quilting a little over a year ago I knew nothing about how much work quilting can be with certain patterns. I totally saw a sample postage stamp block and thought "hey, I can do this" so I started collecting fabrics from EVERYONE...I swapped and swapped on craftster and cut and cut most all weekends. After about 9-10 months of this I finally had enough fabric pieces to start sewing...I did my first block and it was horrible...I didn't pin correctly I took a pinning lesson from my mother in law to be :) This is technically my second block...

Then I started chain sewing blocks like crazy...hours each night and weekend dedicated this is baby! I finally finished and have never been so proud of a quilt! All the work and sweat into this quilt. I love to just look at it in my living room and find new fabrics that I never seen before! There are so many! :) So enjoy my labor of love!

EDIT: Due to many questions about the size of the blocks...the blocks are each 12'' finished and there were 16 blocks each had 144 squares...The squares were each 1'' :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mermaid Log Cabin

So I've had this fabric in my stash for a while now and having most of my quilt projects wrapping up I wanted to start with something fresh and different so I decided to whip out these baby's and start sewing! Here is my first block but I have three done so far I think I will make 15-30 depending on sashing..I think I might put a white sashing in between the blocks! Anyways I really love these fabrics!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Week 1!

Monday marked the end of my first week starting back on my exercise routine! I did 5 days of cardio on the elliptical for about 30 min with resistance level set at 4/12 (that will slowly increase). I did every other day of about 30 min or more on my wii-fit doing some step aerobics, free run, boxing, hula hoop and a few strength training moves. I cut back on my eating slightly, just mainly watching portion control and trying not to have as much sweets as usual. I did have some candy on Easter but not a whole lot. I had 2 diet sodas the whole week and didn't buy any more when I went grocery shopping Saturday. I have been craving water more and more! I have noticed my skin looking better and feeling healthy also! I forgot how good it feels to workout! Overall the wii-fit says I was down 5.7 pounds! I decided to have my overall goal be 50 pounds by Oct. I would really like to do another 20 pounds after that just because the experts say thats the weight I need to be...but I will do the 50 first! :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Current Quilting Projects Pictures :)

Here are a few of the current quilts I am piecing together. I love how they are all turning out. Not sure if I should add sashing or not? Any suggestions?

This first one is my surf and sand sampler quilt. It is going to my step-dad for Christmas, I think he will really like it! :)

This next one is the paisley sampler...I fell in love with this paisley print at work and so I matched a whole quilt to it! :)

The last quilt is to my future mother in law and she loves anything Americana so I am making this one for her :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Project To Do List

I can't believe we are already into April! Wow! Time is flying by this year! I have alot of projects done already but I still have quite a few on my list to get done! Here is my April to do list!

1.) Piece together my surf and sand quilt (buy backing)
2.) Piece together my paisley quilt (buy Backing)
3.) Finish sewing blocks for my sisters blue quilt (buy backing)

My may to do list is:

1.) Moose wall hanging for dad
2.) Maverick Star Quilt (buy backing)

June Sewing list:
1.) Finish blocks for Americana Sampler (buy backing)
2.) In the pink quilt (have to find a pattern)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting Back Into Routine!

For those who dont know I used to be a workoutaholic! I used to get up early each morning and go work my butt off at the gym! What happened you ask? who knows, life gets busy and working out isn't a priority. So I plan to change that! In addition to tanning, new hair color ect...I decided to start working out! with my friends to give me motivation I have successfully worked out several times this week :) I do have an elliptical on my porch which has come in very handy. I try to do it like 30 min at a high resistance level...I hope do it like 3-4 times a week! My fiance (Brock) also got me a wii fit last week and I have been loving that too! It is sooo much fun! Mcgruff has been a big help too, after I do the elliptical or even on my nights off I am going to be walking him more :) He went tonight and had a blast sniffing around! I think my body is in some major shock this week to, I am completely sore! Its actually a good feeling though. So if any of you have any health tips or workout tips I would love to hear them! I need all the motivation I can get! I know my friend Calee has been pretty awesome at helping and she is also sending me her back issues of Self Magazine. My friend Magan has been pretty helpful too as she is trying to lose weight and we can help each other out! Thanks for reading!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Hair Color!

I think I am having a mid-twenty life crisis ;) lol I decided to start tanning, try a new hair color, get a pedicure and wax...I know kinda to much information but anywho...I wanted to show my new hair color...nothing too bold I know but I like it :) Also parden my red neck/face I just got done tanning and I am a little burnt :S

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Project Updates!

I have done alot of quilting over the past weeks! Tonight I cut out my sisters quilt made up of blues/greens...I am doing 2.5 inch strips and randomly placing them together. I think it will look quite cool when I finish it. I pulled all the blues out of my stash for her and its a fast easy project to whip up for her, I just need more motivation! Here is a few pictures of the process...the first one is all my strips cut and in there correct piles. The second picture is two 5 piece blocks sewn...thats all I got finished tonight :)

As far as my other projects are going...I had a long list a couple of blogs ago but have dwindled that list down to this:

-Moose Wall Hanging for dad (haven't started)
-In the pink Quilt (Haven't started)
-American Sampler for mom in law (7 blocks to go)
-Surf and Sand Sampler for step father (2 Blocks to go)
-Paisley Sampler for Mom (1 block to go)
-Maverick Star quilt (Haven't started)

Most of the projects that I have finished are Christmas presents...I had a goal to craft everyone's xmas presents for this next xmas and so far so good! I think I may be done ahead of schedule and i can't believe it! I guess its just another excuse to buy more fabric right? :)