Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Etsy Re-Stock!

So in the last month I kinda went through a crafting crisis. The main craft show I apply for turned me down :( I thought to myself HOW will I have motivation to do anything if this one craft show doesn't think my work is any good....and then I thought...I don't need this craft show to determine how I feel about my crafting. I know I am much better than alot of those other people that got accepted. So I decided to show the world and myself that I can still sell crafts without doing this craft show. I decided to stock up my etsy store and come up with a couple more designs to list on there. So over the last few weeks I have been sewing like crazy when I'm not work two jobs haha. Anyways if you have a minute to stop over to check it out...give me some feedback or maybe buy something awesome please do! www.whoopdedoo5.etsy.com "Whoopdedoo Crafts"!

Foldover Makeup Bag
Quilted Wrist Cuffs
Quilted Wrist Cuff
Zipper Pouch
Doggie Bandana's
Quilted Cards
Fabric Headbands