Friday, March 5, 2010

Fresh Start!

Its been a while since my last post but so much as gone down! Ok to start...I MOVED! I am super excited about this! After my recent breakup I had to move back in with the pops...even though hes easy to live with, you still lose a part of your independence when you have to move back in with your parents. Its also sorta hard to get back on your feet when you have to start all over again. So it took me a few months...6 months to be exact too finally get out of my funk and start living again. I decided to pick an area that had the most opportunities in I chose Des Moines. I started applying for jobs out there had about 10 interviews (yes I was the interview queen). Finally had two job offers! YAY! Two of my closest friends happened to be moving to Des Moines as well so we started looking for three bedroom places and found the CUTEST townhouse with LOTS of room! I love it here! I landed a job as Recreational Therapist for a great organization in Des Moines (technically johnston) (check out the link for more info). Also happened to meet an amazing guy (Cale). I have some great friends out here too that have kept me busy with crafting and working out again! :) Just when I thought things couldn't of gotten any worse my life changed for the better and is now looking up!!!

Here are some pictures of my new room in my new townhouse! all ready for some crafting!!

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