Tuesday, May 26, 2009

week 7!

I figured this week would be horrible...I totally went to my dads for the weekend and didn't watch what I was eating all weekend. I met a friend on sat. and we walked for about 2 hrs. I didn't realize we walked over 5 miles! :) That was awesome! Especially since we walked up and down hills! I am super sore today from it still! Overall I lost a total of 3.7 pounds this week and didn't gain anything when I weighed in this morning! That rocks! This is a total of 17.7 pounds so far! :) yippie skippy! I am on a roll!

on another note, me and my fiance might be buying a house, we put in a bid and won the bid...it was kinda unexpected find so we did it backwards and now have to do financing after the bid, so we have like 16 days now to finalize that, so bascially its a waiting game to find out if we get the financing! and If we do we get a house! its so awesome! :) take a peek...and wish us luck!!!!!!!!!



  1. Looks like a great place...good luck! Also, keep up the great work on the weight loss!

  2. Wow! That's AWESOME!! I've got my fingers crossed for you!!