Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May Quilting Projects!

Finally I am done with all my families xmas presents! I will never again make all my friends/family quilts again for xmas because it is soooooo time consuming...I might make little projects here and there but man o man its alot all at once! I am done! Now what to do with all my quilting fabric lines! lol :) I love fabric!

The first two are fleece/cotton throws which make awesome snuggly blankets! The final two are from the latest quilt block swap!

My dad is a big outdoorsy type so I did a deer throw with maple leave quilting...I know he will love it!

This one is for my sister who is a horse nut! She also loves ivy so I did a ivy quilting design on it! :)

This surf and sand line is one of my favorites! This is for my step-dad who was a navy man, and I already did a navy quilt for him so I figured this is manly enough...it has a sailboat quilting design...

This final one is for my mom, she loves paisleys and I love this fabric so I thought she might like this!