Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another Weight Loss Week! #5

Hey all! Thanks for all your continued support so far in my weight loss attempts! This marks the end of week 5 for me! My final weigh in for this week was 4.2!! I couldn't believe it! Thats alot! I even ate pizza hut AND dairy queen! I guess working out really does the trick eh? I worked out 6 days this week doing 30 min elliptical and power walking for 45-60 min. My trick is to have some sugar free hot cocoa at night time to curb those hungry pains. I do have big ole breakfast's on the weekends because thats my favorite meals! :) A grand total of 16.3 pounds!

The crazy new is that I am going to be training for a isn't huge but its alot for friend calee is motivating me to do this...she is making up a training program and preparing me the right way! wish me luck!!!

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