Monday, June 8, 2009

The 9th Week!

This week totally flew by and now its Monday already! geepers! I kept really busy this week with getting a new laptop to having a home inspection, baby shower, summer cleaning, ect... I even had a little time this weekend to do a little sewing on my park slope quilt...I just love those fabrics :)

As far as my dieting goes...I had a pretty successful week, I did really good during the work week keeping busy and doing all my exercise, but the weekend was another story. I had a bad weekend. BUT I did manage to lose 1.7 pounds. Which brings my total up to 18.7 :) I figure another 20 pounds and I will weigh what I did when I met my fiance! lol

Also! on top of being being busy this week we had a few issues yesterday...I went to cook some lunch and realized my stove wasn't working so ya...we have to get a stove repairman? Not sure about that one... hours after the stove went out...our whole apartment went dead...all electricity...right when I was in the middle of microwaving dinner lol! stayed off for almost 2 hours! ugh. What a day! I literally have nothing to cook right now. I feel naked without my stove working :S Hopefully it wont be costing alot of money since its a newer stove. ha.

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