Thursday, June 18, 2009

I know I shouldn't but....

we got some new prints in at our store today....well not exactly new but since we buy fabric in bulk we get extra discounts so sometimes we get TONS of boxes and have to store it upstairs in boxes until we have room, anyways I pulled some of it down today to put online and found some great prints! A total of 9 yards...I used to just get one yard of each print I liked, but I found I always needed more so if I like a print I totally get 2 or more yards of never know what you can use it for! heres what I found! :) enjoy!


  1. Thanks for your nice comment! It was a fun quilt to do for a super cute baby! Have a great weekend

  2. It looks like you are going to have some fun with all of those!

  3. These fabrics are just amazing!!