Friday, June 12, 2009

Updates on weight loss and quilting

This week has been pretty stressful for me...the house deal was almost over and we were trying to get his credit score up those few points. Also me and Brock were at each others throats taking out our stress's on each other. We were irritated with each other badly...we kind of had a major blow up yesterday as it all came to a head. Getting a house is a major ordeal. The real estate agent said that no one else is interested in the house so if his credit score goes up in a week or two we still might be able to get it...not sure. Its all in the hands of the credit gods apparently.

As for eating and exercise. I did good with food all week. I only ate small portions and I did eat what I wanted but I did snack all night long after dinner. And now that I have a daily routine down of eating it doesn't bother me much at all. I did do the elliptical on monday and tuesday went for a long power walk with mcgruff. Wed, and thurs....i didnt really exercise....So I am going to make up for it in the next three is alot easier for me to find time to exercise on the weekends. I just have more time. Overall I did good I lost a total of 2.9 pounds and that brings my total to....21.6

I plan on re-doing my etsy store also only to focus solely on quilts on my whoopdedoo5 site. I will list all my grandma sweatshirts on another etsy site that will be redone in a grandma style lol....Anyways, I have to re-do pictures and sizes and all that stuff this weekend. It is my weekend project. I also finished my park slope quilt called short stacks last night and I will start on either my teal notions quilt or my noveau quilt. Not sure...they are both cut and waiting in my project boxes for me. I have like a thousand other quilts lined up to do also. Hopefully I can get some sales out of them. :)

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