Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2 Months!

Well its been two months now since I started my new healthy lifestyle! So far so good, I have had many set backs but also have had many good weeks! I did gain .7 pounds this week so I have only lost a total of 17 pounds...I think thats pretty good for two months. I am focusing on losing slowly so I think any more would be hard to do. I work out about 6 days a week mostly walking evenings and doing the elliptical also. Well I plan on trying to keep losing weight for many months to come. Stay tuned for week by week updates!

Other news--i posted that we recently put a bid on a house...we are still waiting for finacing to come through...who would of thought that would be such a big deal? I have great credit but high debt to income ratio bc of student loans sooo that sucks. Brock has low credit but NO debt...so we are waiting for his credit rating to come up after we paid off some old bills of his. It said it can take up to 30 days but we are hoping it goes up by our bid allowance of 20 days...so freaking stressful! ugh. Poop! Well I guess I will keep you updated! :)

I also got a laptop today! Its super cute and super pink! Love it! I love my new toy! hehe...which means I will be blogging more! My friend calee aka chimes is going to start selling some of my quilts when she does her craft fairs! :) Super nice of her! Maybe I can make some money for my fabric habit! haha!


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  2. Hello! I left a comment under my husband's name by accident...oops! Congrats on your progress! That is great for 2 months!! Maybe I should jump onboard with you :o) Good luck with your house, too!