Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Hair Color!

I think I am having a mid-twenty life crisis ;) lol I decided to start tanning, try a new hair color, get a pedicure and wax...I know kinda to much information but anywho...I wanted to show my new hair color...nothing too bold I know but I like it :) Also parden my red neck/face I just got done tanning and I am a little burnt :S


  1. I love it! Tanning is so bad for you though... :/ I shouldn't talk cuz I was a tanorexic in high school.

  2. ya i dont plan on doing it all the time...but I got unlimited for the first month and then after that ill prolly go once a week...I was looking pretty nasty white and looked tired and washed least I feel better! :)

  3. Aren't you getting married soon? I don't think it's so much as a mid-twenties crisis, as a preparation for the next new exciting phase in your life! I don't know what color your hair was, but I think it looks BRILLIANT! When I finally decided on L'Oreal 3.5r, I've had no regrets! Best hair color I ever had.

  4. Yup! you remembered! lol I am getting married hopefully this fall! We are trying to find a place still!! My hair was a mousy brown before so this is much of an improvement! :)