Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 3!!

Ok! I am on to week three! Let me tell you that this week and last week have been hell! It is sooo hard to lose weight but sooo easy to put it on! Monday and Tuesday I did the elliptical for 37 min and rotated intervals of 7/3...Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat...I got out and walked with my pooch. I tried to power walk for at least 45 minutes outside just to enjoy the weather. Its supposed to rain outside for the next few days so I know I will most likely be inside working out. I had a target weightloss of 3 pounds for this week and I weighed in at a loss of 3.3 pounds! which makes a total of 10.1 pounds down! 39.9 pounds to get to my goal! :) I am super happy at that because I not only ordered out pizza this week I also cheated with a donut AND onion rings! whoops :S but at least I had no soda and tried to do something every day this week! :) I am going to start having a target loss each week, so I think I will do 3 pounds again..that worked pretty good for me! :)