Thursday, April 2, 2009

Project Updates!

I have done alot of quilting over the past weeks! Tonight I cut out my sisters quilt made up of blues/greens...I am doing 2.5 inch strips and randomly placing them together. I think it will look quite cool when I finish it. I pulled all the blues out of my stash for her and its a fast easy project to whip up for her, I just need more motivation! Here is a few pictures of the process...the first one is all my strips cut and in there correct piles. The second picture is two 5 piece blocks sewn...thats all I got finished tonight :)

As far as my other projects are going...I had a long list a couple of blogs ago but have dwindled that list down to this:

-Moose Wall Hanging for dad (haven't started)
-In the pink Quilt (Haven't started)
-American Sampler for mom in law (7 blocks to go)
-Surf and Sand Sampler for step father (2 Blocks to go)
-Paisley Sampler for Mom (1 block to go)
-Maverick Star quilt (Haven't started)

Most of the projects that I have finished are Christmas presents...I had a goal to craft everyone's xmas presents for this next xmas and so far so good! I think I may be done ahead of schedule and i can't believe it! I guess its just another excuse to buy more fabric right? :)

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