Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Etsy Store!

As my quilting projects slowly wind down to an end for my family/friends I think about all my future quilting/sewing projects AND I figure I can sell them! So my very talented, creative, adorable and design gifted friend Calee offered to help me "pimp" out my etsy store ha! She designed several etsy banners, business cards, and profile pics! How wonderful!! Over the next few months I plan of making all kinds of stuff including...bags, dog accessories, quilts, fabric, ipod holders, tampon wallets ect. The sky is the limit! I love sewing so why not try to make some money of doing it!? Right?! This gives me a real excuse to buy more fabric!!! YIPPIE! Anyways if anyone wants a banner or any kind of design...go see a real professional-who knows design! :)

here are my banners: I love showing them off!!!


  1. thanks for the plug, homie!

    I thought about posting them on craftster.. I might collect some of the web design things I've done and pull them together in a post. I dont' want to be all "go to my store" though.

  2. Also..I need to blog about the quilt. I figure I'll do that sometime this week. :)

  3. I totally think you should do a craftser post...I think it would be appropriate and I don't think it would be like "go to my store" although it might help with business a little bit if you had a link to your store in your post...or on your profile lol :)

  4. I LOVE your banners, I have to check out the new store too!