Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quilting Progress

Tonite was the grand opening of Brock's dads new bar, we went for a couple hours but had to be home at a decent time because I work bright and early! It is really nice inside though, he put in alot of work! :) There was a pretty big turn out for a wed. night. in a small town!

As most of you already know I uploaded a butt load of pictures onto craftster of all my latest quilts! They are pretty awesome and I am very proud of them!! If you haven't gotten a chance yet to look check them out!

My friend calee is re-doing my etsy site for me, making me a banner, business cards ect. I am making her an ipod cover in return :) I hope to start making some more quilts, crafts to put on it, so I can start having some spending money for fabric and other goodies! :) I also bought myself a new digital camera tonight on amazon because my old one finally crapped out on me! ugh. Oh well I needed it. If you want to check out the great camera its a Canon Powershot SX110IS

As far as quilting progress currently I am in the midst of several projects. I finished a tampon wallet last night for a personal swap and I want to make another on for me this weekend. I want to start making more of them to put and sell on etsy.

These are my current quilting projects in the works:

1.) Hello Betty Log Cabin
2.) Moda Three Sisters Jelly Log Cabin
3.) Moose Wall Hanging
4.) In the Pink Sampler Quilt
5.) Americana Sampler Quilt

after I finish those 5 I am totally done with all my quilt projects I had planned for the year! then I can concentrate on making stuff to sell on etsy. Thanks for reading! :)