Sunday, March 15, 2009

My postage stamp quilt

I know alot of you have seen this on craftster but I wanted to put it here on my blog as well :) I am just so proud of this baby! Anyways I saw a small postage stamp quilt online at one point and thought to myself "how hard can this be?"...soooo I decided to start cutting...I immediately realized that it was going to take a crap load of squares and I had no where near enough fabric in my stash to chose from. So being that I work at a fabric store I started collecting scraps...and lots of scraps lol. I then joined a postage stamp square swap and did alot of personal swapping to have enough squares. I sorted by colors in bags and just organized them as they came in. It sat in my closet for a looong time and at one point I thought of giving up because I didn't realize how much work was involved in JUST collecting fabric and cutting. Until one day I cleaned out my craft closet and decided to sew a block (blue) it turned out horrible...really bad...seriously. I didn't pin, and I didn't care at that point because I had no idea how to. So I informed my (soon to be) mom-in-law and she gave me a pin lesson. I then started on another block and it turned out sooo awesome! I figured out a chain sewing method that made the blocks start coming faster! I had a goal of sewing one block per week, but I was so addicted to it by then that I sewed about 2/3 per week! Before I knew it I had finished it! hurray! I know that I will most likely never do one again, but at least I can cross it off my quilt list. :) Anyways here it is!!!!


  1. That is an amazing quilt!!! You had to have a lot of patience....but well worth it!

  2. Wonderful! Love the color play over the quilt.

    I also have a postage stamp quilt the closet :)

  3. yup I just love it! :) thanks for the comments!!