Saturday, March 7, 2009

New & Exciting FQB

Since our cable is out...I decided to work on some quilting projects this morning...

1.) Teal Jelly Roll

2.) Hello Betty
3.) Wood Charms

Then once I finish those I can start on peicing my LQ4 quilt
1.) Surf and Sand
2.) Paisley

After those are done, hopefully LQ5 will be in full affect and I ha
ve two quilts for that one... 1.) In the Pink
2.) Americana

I'm also gonna try a Kentucky fleece/cotton quilt for Brock's step dad Finally I will be done with all my quilts! I've been on a kick to make every one of my friends/family a quilt. I have been quilting like crazy! I can then concentrate on selling projects or whatever I choose. I was browsing the fatquartershop and came across these collections...and I love them all!! Take a peek! ------->

Last night I went crazy and organized my little crafting closet. I did alot of work and sorted out all my fabrics by colors, then I put in a small bookshelf and put some of my quilting tools, notions in the baskets. It turned out pretty neat! :) I can see what I have in my crafting closet now! yay for that! Anyways, back to quilting now!!

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