Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ode To Mcgruff & Kitty

I was talking with a friend and realized that mcgruff is almost 1 1/2 so I had to do a post dedicated to him!! Plus I thought I would throw in a few of the kitty!! :) She too is a great kit kat. haha. Enjoy the pictures :) He weighed only 1.2 pounds when he was a puppy!

Thought I would post the kitty now...her when she was a cute little thing, and now after she had made her first kill! She is such a great addition to this family! :)

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  1. LOL -- I actually get how proud a cat owner is when her cat makes its first kill! My cats are housecats, and my heart just swells with pride when they take down a fly or a moth that's gotten into our home. Little murderers, they are soft and sweet.

    I saw your postage stamp quilt on Craftster and thought I'd drop on by for a visit! I love the quilt -- amazing! I'd like to make a quilt but I have no idea how to quilt it without a stippling foot. My Lily doesn't have stippling, I don't think.