Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Robot Fabric Rocks

I need a new camera, my flash really sucks, and I hate how all my pictures look dull. Hopefully this Christmas I will get a new one! Maybe this stimulus check can go toward a new camera! I made this robot I pod touch cover for Brock (the fiance) I just love robots, and he loved it too!

My next venture is to make a tampon wallet (sorry guys I had to say it) I hope to try it out this weekend. I bought fabric from from august fields collection. I just LOVE it. I am doing a personal swap on craftster with Magan aka Freestyle. I promised her a "wallet" also! She is making me a "regular" wallet and zune cover, headband ect.

Here is a photo of mcgruff because he had a blast playing while I made the i pod cover! lol.


  1. sweet! I love the robot fabric. You should make me an iPod touch cover too. hehe.

  2. Also... you should look into making tea wallets and adding them to your etsy site. Maybe knitting needle cases too? Danielle made me a tea wallet and knitting needle case for Christmas and I love them....esp the tea wallet... SOOO handy. :)