Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Quilt Projects

I am WAY ahead of the schedule on this one. Seriously. I decided to Make all my friends and family quilts for this next Christmas, well because home-made presents are better :) So I started on this venture last month and had a huge list. With the help of craftster lap quilt swap that takes care of two of them. Here is my list:

These Three I have left to go:

1.) Hello Betty Honey bun (not sure on the pattern yet for this one)

2.) Wood Charms Quilt for Dad (couldn't find a pic)
3.) Teal Jelly Roll Quilt (this is for me)

With Lap Quilt 4 and Possibly 5 coming up I have:

4.) Paisley Quilt (Here is a block of the fabrics by John) for mom

5.) Surf and Sand Quilt (Block made my John also) for Roger

I'm also doing a 2 LQ5 quilts and I have to finish one of them and I bought fabric already for the other one:

6.) Americana Quilt (For Betty)
7.) In the Pink Quilt (Sister)

This are the quilts that I have completely Finished (stay tuned for pictures in the future)
8.) Postage Stamp Quilt (this ones for me)
9.) Fishing Lure Quilt (for Kay)
10.) The very hungry caterpillar (Crystal)
11.) Amy Butler Pink Quilt (Calee)
12.) Nest Bento Quilt (heather)
13.) Soiree Charm Quilt (Steph T.)
14.) Amy Butler Blue Quilt (Megan)
15.) Soiree Jelly Bento Quilt (Steph B.)

* I know its quite a list, but I do have most of them done, I almost have the paisley and wave quilts put together, just waiting on a few more blocks. I will post pictures of the finished ones as soon as I can, my camera's a peice. I also am going to be working on a few other projects I will post soon. :)


  1. I love the fact that the postage stamp quilt is for you. After all that work, you deserve it!

  2. I'm super excited about the Amy Butler quilt. You so didn't have to do that! But I was honestly thinking the other day to ask you about some pink Amy Butler fabric I liked, so I'm curious to see if you picked some of the ones I was eyeing. :)