Friday, March 6, 2009

Stash Building...

As the economy slowly fails, I am doing my part as an American to keep the fabric stores in business. That is my excuse to buy more fabric. Most people are taking from their stashs but not this qirl. As much fabric as I have been buying lately I am going to need more room for it! Anyways, I went on which I love and placed another order...I got a bunch of goodies! here are a couple....

I just love collecting cute fabric prints, and checking whats new. I also am loving this new fabric line called neptune. I've been looking at it alot lately because well its new, but mostly because its by tula pink and I love her! I think me and freestyle might go in halfsy on the fat quarter bundle of 34 peices...makes me feel like im not spending a TON of money on it.

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  1. I'm also trying to keep the fabric industry alive in the recession... I think we're doing well! :)